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About Us

Welcome to yourdentist dental clinic, bomikhal. Now Say Bye-Bye to All Dental Problems. Family Dental Clinic in Bhubaneswar. Highly Qualified and Experienced Dentists, providing Quality Dental Care and Services with Latest Pain-free Technological Treatments. If you are looking for the best dental hospital in Bhubaneswar, look no further yourdentist dental clinic is one of the Best Dental Clinic in Bhubaneswar. Our pricing policies are completely transparent and affordable.

We Specialise in

Root Canal Treatment - We have Root Canal specialist among our Dentists and we go for a multi-sitting treatment that gives you the most effective Results.We use a variable pricing policy based on the quality of materials used, which is completely your choice.

Scaling and Polishing - We use high end instruments for ultrasonic Scaling and high quality Polishing agents imported from USA. The combined results are thus extremely Satisfying.

Teeth Whitening - We provide High Quality Teeth Whitening Services.We use Specialised products (pola office plus) imported from Australia, which provides very Good Results in just 30 mins and it also has a unique built-in desensitising properties that inhibit post-operative sensitivity.

Crown and Bridge - We provide all kinds of Caps/ Crowns starting from Sturdy metal-porcelain infused Caps from local labs to High Quality Zirconia Caps from the top labs of Mumbai and Kolkata. We also provide high end Dental Bridge Solutions.

Dental Braces - We provide Superb Orthodontics Treatment. Along with regular metal braces we also provide Clear Tooth Coloured Ceramic Braces.We have Easy Instalments pricing policy for all orthodontic treatments.

Dental Implants - We have an Highly Experienced Senior Implantologist as a Consulting Dentist. We have very Competitive Rates for various kinds of Dental Implants.

Introducing for the first time in Bhubaneswar, Bollywood Smile Design-Cosmetic Dentistry - We provide high end Teeth Veneering, Teeth Shaping and various other Services to give you the Smile, which always deserved.We also provide Dental Filling/Restoration, Partial and Complete Dentures, Tooth Extraction and other Dental Services.

We use very high quality materials, mostly imported from USA.We do complete sterilisation of all our instruments before and after all treatments.We offer Latest Pain-free Solutions.Our main priority is Full Patient Satisfaction.We are Proud to be one of the Best Dental Clinic in Bhubaneswar.


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    Our Services

    Quality with Affordability

    Root Canal

    Root canal treatment is the treatment of damaged/infected pulp that contains the sensitive nerves and vessels and when the infection further spreads to the underlying bone through the pulp that leads to the formation of dental abscess which leads to severe pain. A tooth when affected due to fracture that may occur due to any kind of accident that involves the pulp and causes pain also requires a root canal treatment.A proper clinical examination and diagnostic X-Ray is taken to determine the prognosis of the treatment.It is a treatment procedure that involves a complete excavation of the infected or affected pulp followed by a proper cleaning and shaping of the canals and filled up with a compatible, thermoplastic and resin based material.A root canal can be completed in a single sitting or can take multiple sittings depending on the condition of the tooth.


    Scaling and Polishing

    Scaling involves the complete removal of plaque that further leads to the formation of calculus i.e, calcified and turns into brown or black colour with time .Due to improper oral care and brushing technique calculus spreads below the gum line and hence leads to gum diseases, gingival recession, halitosis(bad breath), bone loss, tooth mobility, etc.Hence a proper check-up every six months keeps the bacteria away from the tooth surface and keeps your oral cavity fresh, clean and rejuvenating all the time.

    Teeth Whitening

    When a patient complains of yellowish or discolored teeth due to various reasons such as fluorosis that occurs as white patches and brownish discoloration on the tooth surface or white spots that appears due to demineralization of enamel and dentin or tooth discoloration due to non-vital tooth, tooth stains due to consumption of antibiotics, tea and coffee stains, or a patient having a darker shade of teeth a teeth whitening procedure is done to lighten the shade of the teeth, that gives a whiter teeth and proper smile.A teeth whitening procedure takes a single or two sittings. Result of teeth whitening varies from patient to patient.


    An orthodontic treatment is recommended to patients who come with a complaint of crooked teeth or a misaligned bite , generalized spacing between teeth , crowded teeth e.t.c.The treatment involves the placement of metal or ceramic (clear and tooth coloured) brackets with wires on tooth surface, these are then tightened with modules or chains that is changed and activated every month on regular check-ups that leads to the correction of ugly dentition and helps the patient to attain a healthy smile.The treatment time may involve a period of one to two years depending on the condition of the patient.

    Bridge and Crown

    crown is recommended on a damaged tooth that has undergone a root canal treatment or a single tooth implant, in order to achieve back the strength that offers to sustain the forces of the oral cavity while eating or chewing and to give a proper shape and form to the previously damaged tooth.Crowns can be fabricated in different type of materials i.e, metal crowns or porcelain fused to metal crowns, zirconia or All ceramic crowns. Considering on the tooth position, adjacent tooth and aesthetics a proper material is advised to the patient while opting for a crown.

    Bridges are advised to patients who come with a complaint of one or more missing tooth.A thorough examination and genuine analysis of underlying bone, condition of gum and the condition of the teeth on either side of the missing tooth is performed to determine whether the supporting teeth can take up the forces of the oral cavity.Bridges can be classified into conventional tooth supported, Resin Boned, Implant Supported.The treatment involves  a proper tooth preparation of the adjacent teeth on either side of the missing tooth to be replaced and is then cemented on natural tooth or implant.


    Depending on the number of missing teeth dentures can be classified into Complete Denture and Removable Partial Denture.Complete Denture is the complete replacement of upper and lower teeth and gums that retains back the shape and form of teeth and lips and helps in rendering a proper speech and mastication ,helps to improve the smile of the patient.Partial Denture is the replacement of one or missing tooth and gums, to retain the space and hence prevents the movement of adjacent tooth on either side into the space.

    Dental Implants

    Patients with missing one or more teeth can undergo an Dental implant treatment. The treatment involves the insertion of material on or into the jaw, where the tooth needs to be replaced, that further supports the crown or the denture (complete or partial).it can be indicated on patients with no teeth or single tooth replacement or missing one or more teeth .A proper examination of the bone and gums is carried out before going for an implant treatment. It is very superior in providing comfort for its proper stability and retention properties and aesthetic wise it gives a pleasing appearance.

    Dental Filling

    The food particles that remain on the tooth surface (carbohydrates ,sugar) along with the secreting saliva promotes the formation of acid that eventually leads to the breakdown of enamel that further seeps in to the underlying porous dentin that leads to pain and sensitivity on eating. Dental filling involves the removal of the carious enamel and dentin that is then filled up with materials.A fractured enamel or chipped of enamel can also be treated by restoring it.Considering the aesthetics, a proper shade is selected and matched with the adjacent tooth before carrying out the treatment.

    Meet Our Doctor

    More than 10 years of Experience in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar
    Dr Arpita Dash

    Dr Arpita Dash

    Dental Surgeon

    More than 10 years of Clinical Experience. Previously worked with Dr Debabrata Das at Crescent Dental Care, Cuttack. Also worked at Aastha Dental Care, Bhubaneswar. Currently Owner of yourdentist laser dental clinic, Bhubaneswar.


    Dr Arpita Dash

    Dental Surgeon, Owner

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    Got my scaling done by Dr Arpita Das at your dentist clinic.. Very good treatment and I would definitely recommend my friends and relatives. Good treatment at affordable prices.. Thank you doctor …

    Amaresh Sahoo Cuttack

    Really worth visit.l am completely satisfied with the work of the dentist and will recommend you to visit the clinic.—Swatee Mahapatra, Bhubaneswar.

    Swatee Mahapatra Bhubaneswar

    I recommend every one should go to dis clinic for their healthy smile….Excellent service….

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    Well equipped dental clinic. Painless treatment in affordable prices. Doctor is very polite, cooperative and gentle with the patient.

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    Must Visit for any Dental Services.Quality Service at affordable price.

    Ankit Das Bhubaneswar

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